Fashion is the most visible industry in New York City and around the world

Its rapid growth has attracted a large number of fashion designers, retailers and manufacturers. It has also become more of an art now that people have access to fashion boutiques in apartment buildings, on the internet and even on billboards.

This chapter describes how consumers are becoming more aware of clothing styles and trends, as well as what designers have to offer them. It covers the themes.

Fashion is an industry full of story material, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of designers, stylists and buyers. However, despite all that effort, the message gets lost in the noise. What makes people choose a particular brand or style over another? How can we change this? Is it possible to make customers stand out from the rest and attract them to spend their money?

Fashion is one of the most prominent industries in the US. As more businesses look for a quick and easy way to promote their brand, fashion designers want to keep up with the trends and make new products.

The ideas of what’s under the clothes should be changed from time to time as well – from shoes to clothing, from jackets to dresses, etc. This can make the sales process more dynamic.

Interactive fashion shows have become trendier. In 2012 in New York, there was a popular one called „The Shoe Show”, which used 3D glasses technology in order to show women’s shoes through virtual reality. In 2018 another popular interactive show was “Fashion in New York” which used 3D glasses technology and virtual reality (VR) also. Virtual reality allows.

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