Fashion is the lifeblood of New York

It is in everything from T-shirts, jeans and jackets to shoes, bags and dress. In this section we use the words „fashion” and „new york” to describe what we are describing in detail.

It is a fact that women are the fashion experts. They wear the most clothes in their lives and make better fashion decisions than men. This is why brands have started focusing on women’s clothing, accessories and beauty trends.

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for individuals to change their wardrobe multiple times a year to ensure that they can stay trendy. In the coming decades, people will probably continue to do so. However, it may become more challenging and unnecessary as the fashion industry will most likely be automated by AI.

A technology that can generate content on demand has attracted many clients as well as many brands in recent years. This has led to an interesting trend in the fashion industry which is offering AI assistants for online shopping: Services like My-Jacket are now available to buy and sell clothing from brands like Burberry and Adidas.

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