Fashion is a world of aesthetics and fashion

Fashion has become an industry that is not limited to the traditional clothing but also encompasses all forms of contemporary styles, such as sportswear, streetwear, casual wear, etc.

Fashion can be seen as an expression of human personality and culture. Through fashion, humans express themselves through colors and styles which are often based on the personality traits of individuals. A designer can also use colors in order to control people’s emotions when we see them.

Fashion is one of the most global industries. New York has the largest, richest and most diverse fashion markets in the world. With such a diversity, there are so many different styles and trends to discover. This could be the best time for you to start your own style and brand vision.

This is our proposal for an article about Fashion in New York, written by an international fashionista who recently moved from London to New York. The writer will introduce you to a world that she knows well – „a place where you can find something new all of every day”. She will describe some new trends that have been introduced in recent years and how they might impact on traditional fashion in this city. In this sense, she will try to get more involved with her readers by explaining what these urban trends mean.

What does fashion mean for New York? Do you need to know about the fashion industry in New York? How it relates to US economy and culture as a whole? Use these questions to introduce your topic.

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