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New York has been a fashion mecca for the last decade. From runway shows to fashion week, the city has seen some of the trendiest designers and brands come up with unique, stylish or new findings in women’s wear. The city has ranked as one of the top 10 fashion cities in world over the past few years due to its amazing collection of high-end designers and publications.

The fashion world has changed a lot in the last couple of years. Trends come in different forms and sizes, so there is no ”one” style to follow. In this section, I will try and cover the various attitudes towards fashion that were characteristic of the city at different periods of time.

In 1790s – 1800s, New York was quite conservative by nature. The streets were dirty and it was not easy to get a suit fitted; people dressed very differently (e.g., many women wore theytihas with men’s coats). At that time, men preferred to wear long coats with cravats instead of ties so as to avoid wearing neckties during working hours (which would have been considered unseemly). Sweaters were made from woolen material but sleeves were not often.

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